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Epworth's Christian Day School is known for its standard of excellence in care and education.  We offer full-day developmental and inter-active care for  children six weeks through four years old.  We are open year around and close only a few days. Beginning in the toddler room we teach using theme based less plans.Theme based teaching provides the opportunity for the children to learn by actively engaging with people and things in their environment.  Children are involved in hands-on experiences, real  life adventrues, and assisted discovery as they explore concepts through play. 


  The two year old children begin toilet learning and physical education.  They are included  in musical performances during the year.

Our Day School

Included in our schedule for three and four year olds are children's morning chapel service, thirty minutes of structured physical education, and music class twice a week.
We also offer The Reading Eggs Computer Program as a free resource for children three years and older enrolled in our day school.
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Are you interested in finding out more information?  Contact Epworth by calling 405-224-5859 or click here and send us an email.
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