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Student/Youth Ministry

Youth - 7th-12th grades.


During the Sunday School Hour - Our teens grow in faith and dig into God's word each week and learn how God's word can help them navigate through life.


Jr/Sr Youth Service

Our Sunday youth service offers a unique weekly experience to 7th through 12th graders.  While the need for Christ is the same now as it has been throughout history, how we translate Christ to a new generation matters.

Epworth's Sunday morning youth service  isn't just about helping your teen find a place to belong but, it's all a part of something deeper, where a deep theology meets practical needs in relevant weekly messages.

​The first Sunday of each month our Youth Worship Service is combined with our Intergenerational Service for Holy Communion.

Location:  Epworth's Ignite youth service is in the east wing on the 2nd floor.




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