Epworth Prayer List 


Arlene Moore, niece of Charly Davidson
Chad Lee & Family, friend of Kyle Horton
Marla Sanders, mother of Bob Sanders
Billie Jean Griffin, mother of Ginny Howell
Halley Terrell, granddaughter of Ray & Joyce Belville
Rhonda McLearen & husband, cousin of Kathy Guillet
Seth Dahlliun, grandson of Dianna Anderson
Keith Davidson, Brother of Ron Davidson
Terry Martinez, daughter of Charly Davidson
Tim Ketchum, son-in-law of Joan Brummell
Destre Crawford, granddaughter of Charly Davidson
Linda Leverage, sister of Sharon Storms
Phillip Brummell, son of Joan Brummell
Morgan Berry, granddaughter of Charly Davidson
Natalie Smirl, daughter-in-law of Michelle Smirl
Pauline Matheson, sister of Charly Davidson
Roxanne Epperson, daughter of Mary Ratliff
Emily Mitchell, friend of Sharla, Jenny & Krista Castillo
Everett Elzy, uncle of Angie Keneda

Ongoing Prayers

U.S. Military
Stephanie Sloan
Beverly Sorrels
Gwen Cox
Naomi Dean
Sharon Storms
Lois Cook

Pastor Steve

Pastor Scott

Travis Brauer

Jill Mansfield

Updated 02/05/2021

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